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Gate Valve e-catalogue i-Valves have been producing valves for industrial applications. i-Valves is having own foundry with ISO 9001, W0, PED, IBR, Norsok Approval and 3.1 & 3.2 material certification facilities including own machining & assembly facilities. The standard production range covers the sizes from DN 50 up to DN 200 for pressure rating up to PN 320. A long experience in making valves with the most advanced technologies guarantees a top quality product with a wide range of solutions for many different applications. For these reasons, today, the valves produced by i-Valves are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, marine, ofshore, food, gases, power generation, water treatment and distribution plants in many countries.

The design, experiment, manufacturing and test of the parts are done under one roof in strict accordance with the relevant national standards and engineering rules to ensure an easy installation, maintenance, replacing and as guarantee of a high product quality.The company energies and resources have always been addressed to the research of new solutions and to the acquisition of most advanced technologies offered by the market, in order to achieve a constant evolution of the valve performance and quality. Project innovations, performances and confidence improvement, assurance and easy maintenance are criteria always applied in the production.